Tool design capability relies on extensive application techniques developed through solving unique customer requirements since 1980. Your part print begins with AutoCAD lay-outs for the most economical use of material, process control of key characteristics and most efficient production application. The integrity of the tooling is controlled at each customer revision and in house EDM provides exacting control for replacement components, ensuring consistency for the life of the program.




Quality Assurance is built into every tool while it’s being made to your specifications. Preventive maintenance service assures consistent performance and longevity with tools and dies.

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Precision part formation demands skilled toolmaker attention to detail, from first component to final piece.


From CAD to EDM to precision tool build, TEDCO’s experienced staff can also design and build short run projects developing single base tool, with various size punch and die inserts to provide cost-savings for project testing and development.

• Progressive Dies
• Cam Action Dies
• Fourslide
• Multi-slide
• Radial Slide
• Vertical Slide
• Automated Assembly Applications

Our prime resource is the depth of experience of the TEDCO team to mistake proof the manufacturing process. With support of the computer aided systems, the final outcome rests in the skills of the toolmaker for final grinding, assembly and troubleshooting to guarantee all products exceeds the quality goals set by the customer specification.

TEDCO maintains detailed tool performance records and provides preventive maintenance and continuous improvement for every tool for the life of the production program. From its start in 1980, TEDCO tooling engineering drove the quality control for customer’s production. By servicing and maintaining that tooling for our customers, it led to running their production as well.