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A customer partnership in SPC quality techniques in the late 80’s introduced TEDCO executives to managed quality systems while exploring the automotive market. To Learn more about “Statistical Process Control” “Click Here“.

By 1998 TEDCO management accepted the QS 9000:1998 challenge and became QS certified at first audit in 1999. Continuous improvement has always been the goal and through external audits, from both customers and registrars, TEDCO continues its certification program with ISO 9001:2008 improving product, process and management system. Our Quality Management System continues to address the former elements of QS 9000 by delivering PPAPs and FMEA’s as part of TS16949 compliance for automotive quality requirements.

TEDCO consistently achieves ambitious quality targets through applied dimension and visual inspections throughout production. Tooling and process controls are defined at 75% of customer specification tolerances to limit process variance over time. Performance results are defined on operator inspection systems providing additional feedback for dimensional control.

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TEDCO now applies the 40 X 400 magnification for products with specific process challenges, including angle tolerances and examination of key stress points on tight bends and radii.

“It is the Quality Policy of TEDCO, Inc. to achieve and maintain a leadership position in the close tolerance metal stamping and wire forming industry while providing internal and external customers with superior products through continuous improvement. We shall strive constantly for total customer satisfaction in every aspect of our business through maximum use of training, statistical techniques and employee empowerment.”

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