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Precision Stampings


Engineered materials control plating costs.


2-Up progressive die
for high volume requirements.

TEDCO’s tool engineering and design meets a large variety of customers’ specialized requirements. High volume production of matched or similar parts can be produced with 2-up progressive dies, doubling output every hour. Expensive plating for electrical connectors can be limited to contact surfaces by designing over-lay materials for added value controlling costs associated with plating, handling and process lead time.


Precision formed Stampings,
every run every time.

TEDCO’s Advance Quality Planning Team, with representatives from each of our product development disciplines, begin with your quote request and review your specifications to ensure capability from tool design through manufacture, specialized finishing, right down to packaging and delivery requirements. Upon your acceptance, TEDCO engineers identify customer KPC (Key Product Characteristics) and PCC (Process Control Characteristics) and then build the control of these specifications into the tooling. This provides optimum quality stability during manufacture.

Customer automated assembly criteria establish Key Product Characteristics

Precision forms meet the critical Fit / Function applications of customer product. Connectors, terminals, frames, bussbars, are all meant to provide a spring tension or holding fixture within some other assembly. Tooling defines the dimensional characteristics but it is the related capability to control material and process variation to assure every production lot retains the function defined by the customer application.

Spring action angles provide
fit/function performance.

Since 1980, TEDCO has worked as partners with our customers to fully understand the end use beyond the print specifications. Our own quality feed-back system allows every operator to set-up equipment in order to maintain the same running conditions of the prior lot, adjusting for material variation or conditions that impact product output.

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