An array of wire forms can be produced with little or no set-up costs and may require only a change of feed and utilize the tooling within the equipment. The size of the slide machine often controls the size of the part and TEDCO’s range of slides provides production using wire diameter up to .187” (4.75mm) and flat stock up to to 2.00” (50.8mm) wide and feed lengths to 15″ (381.0mm).

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Precision Forms can be supplied in a variety of shapes and sizes with tolerances of +/-.001” (.0254mm)
from both wire and flat stock.

TEDCO’S design engineers evaluate the production alternatives to assure the maximum productivity, part quality, and added value for your component and production requirements. Slide forming reduces the material used since no carrier strips are required. With forming, the slide can meet or exceed speed rates of the progressive die with cam action.


2” Precision Formed Stamping


Formed and Folded

Fit into a 7/8”

TEDCO’S slide capability provided a unique solution to our customer’s product design and end use application. The part development required a 2” formed stamping to be folded and fit into a 7/8” housing with critical process tension. The Fourslide advantage is also the easy adjustment for tensile changes in material being used and the variations that may occur in the molded housing over time.


Completed assembly using wire and
flat stock in a single operation.


Two plane bend
of wire stock
attached to flat stock.


Simultaneously, two stampings are completely assembled with + .003”
tolerance in all dimensions.

Additional applications for slide equipment can include assembly and process applications not available in a standard stamping press. Fourslide diversity can provide for bandolier assembly of flat stock and wire connections or two very different flat stock forms simultaneously, inserted and assembled with precision.