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Established in 1980 to provide tool design services to the local manufacturing base in Southern New England, Robert Vincent combined his expertise and reputation for tool engineering and design with business experience of Dona Vincent in business management and finance to establish TEDCO, Inc in Rhode Island. Robert has provided the company with sixty years of tool making experience, engineering and innovation building a technical foundation for the company today.

With his retirement in 2010, Dona Vincent, President/CFO, leads this woman owned, family operated business strengthening core partnerships, investing in new markets for growth, and enhancing financial, operating and quality management systems. The company takes advantage of her in-depth manufacturing and accounting background as a developer of the Quality Management System and team member on the Advanced Quality Team to assure capability and quality performance for every project.

Customer Satisfaction remains a commitment and priority for the future of TEDCO. Second generation family members, John Vincent joined his father at the company in 1991, and Barbara Gallonio joined in 1997. Work experience at all levels of the company provided skills and knowledge of products, process and customer requirements offering challenges and opportunity for growth and development within the organization.

As VP/C.O.O., Barbara is responsible for your order from acceptance to delivery providing superior customer service.
Metal Forming Magazine recently recognized Barbara as a Woman of Excellence in metalforming and fabricating in their recent announcement citing efforts to recognize individuals who make the industry progressive, dynamic and innovative.

Production Manager, John Vincent is responsible for your product from acceptance to completion providing quality performance throughout operations.

In 2012, Tedco, Inc. restructured the business to officially recognize the women ownership and management of the company, as well as to address the customer policies and programs targeting Women Owned Business.

Customer testimonials express appreciation for TEDCO’s service and response to priority requests:

• “Thank you so much for understanding and working so quickly on this. “We are very impressed and thankful you were able to keep the line up and running!”

• “New order – please advise if you can ship this week.” TEDCO: “We can ship tomorrow”. Response: “Thank you, I am in luck because I have you as a supplier.”

• “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your efforts that went into making this happen. I wish we had more suppliers like you. Again, thanks for all your hard work.”

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