Stamping Challenges

Serving the Metal Stamping industry since 1980, we continue to assist clients with product development.  Our process team considers the multiple challenges presented by your specific part and the application during the design approach, comparing the benefit of stamping versus slide forming, control of dimensions and tolerances critical to our process and to meet your critical quality points. Additional variables can be introduced during tool build, or that become evident only during production impacted by process, material, or finish applications which may distort the end result required for the functionality of your product.  

Just such a challenge was met in working with a customer of plumbing products needing multi-tabbed, formed washers of high volumes and multiple sizes.  The part specification provided was well toleranced and straight forward.  But when the specified material was introduced to the stamping process, special challenges became evident.  The excessive wear and tear on the tooling required research and development by TEDCO to minimize the service costs, maximize productivity, minimize burr and to exceed customer satisfaction.

Another challenge on this project was not recognized by the customer until their first assembly was underway and affected the integrity of the product.  With a strong partnership, the teams met, discussed the problem, and TEDCO implemented the correction to three tools already in production and on future designs as an identified “Fit/Function” critical characteristic.

So, how did this all work out?  A letter from our customer delivered the following:

“As part of our “Made In America” initiative, ‘we’ carefully searched for local partners to assist in making parts used in our quick-to-connect plumbing products…

TEDCO started making products in March of  ‘2014’ and has been a terrific partner.  Their quality coupled with service and timeliness is top notch.  We are so happy and confident with their abilities, that we have moved them to an “A” level supplier which enables them to receive preferential treatment for accelerated orders and new project initiatives.”

 It is with pride that we add another satisfied customer to our many long term partnerships.

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